Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is Digvijay Singh’s game?

The Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh is in a celebratory mode now a days. The normally super-inefficient and customer-unfriendly BSNL has obliged him by digging out the record of a phone call made from his BSNL mobile phone on the fateful day of November 26, 2008 to a landline number registered in the name of the Anti-Terrorism Squad of the Mumbai police. The BSNL is supposed to save the phone call record for only one year and then destroy it, how could it provide information about a phone call made more than two years ago, only the BSNL can explain. Singh claims that his stand that he had a talk with the then ATS chief Hemant Karkare only a couple of hours before he was killed in a hail of AK-47 bullets fired by the Pakistani terrorists storming parts of south Mumbai, has been vindicated. According to Singh, Karkare had told him that he was in great mental stress because of threats to his life from some Hindu extremists whose alleged involvement in the Malegaon blast case he had been investigating.

So far Digvijay Singh had been saying that Hemant Karkare called him hours before the attack on Mumbai by Pakistani terrorists but the BSNL record have completely nailed his lie; it was Singh who called Karkare and not the other way round. What does Singh have to say on this? He has not cared to explain his absolutely wrong statement about who called whom. How can we then believe that Karkare did confide in him about the perceived threat to his life from some Hindu extremists? It is strange that just because Karkare’s family once lived in Madhya Pradesh, he should have come to treat an ex-chief minister of the state as his sole confidante because not even Karkare’s widow Kavita seems to have been privy to the information with Singh. Singh has also not responded to Kavita Karkare’s statement that it was normal for the ATS chief to be threatened by suspected terrorists under ATS investigation, she had said that when Karkare had been investigating acts of terrorism allegedly by some Muslim extremists they had warned him of dire and deadly consequences. Singh, to his utter shame, has chosen to ignore this extremely significant statement of Mrs. Karkare.

Digvijay Singh is the master of innuendo and duplicity, even then it will not be out of place to ask him to spell out once and for all what he is really after, what his game is.

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