Monday, December 6, 2010

Honesty is the only policy!

A friend, otherwise a crusader against corruption, saw no problem with the idea that when a government employee was being unnecessarily difficult and not doing your legitimate work you should start shouting in his office that he had demanded a bribe from you; alarmed at this he would do your work without delaying it further. To me it was absolutely unacceptable because a victory gained through fraudulent means is much worse than an honest defeat.

Truth is the ultimate power and if we still resort to lies to gain an advantage it only means we have more faith in the power of lies. We may also be forgetting that the truth can stand by itself whereas a lie needs all around supports to prop it up.

As another friend put it very clearly, if you want to reach a place in the east you can do so only by going east, not west. Let us choose the right 'disha' or direction, our 'dasha' or condition will improve as a natural consequence.

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