Monday, December 13, 2010

Protecting dignity of the undignified?

The Supreme Court is very much concerned about protecting dignity of some individuals caught on audio tape hobnobbing with corporate lobbyists and fixers, not just exchanging pleasantries but planning and deciding composition of the Union cabinet after the 2009 general election, selecting most pliable from among Opposition leaders to lead the debate in Parliament, sometimes also deliberating on which wire agencies should be banned. It says that personal dignity is a fundamental right and by publishing excerpts from the by-now infamous Radia tapes, the journalists have impinged on this right of certain individuals.

It is not these persons were engaged in some legitimate activities, they were planning to subvert and in some cases were actually subverting the very institutions supporting the superstructure of our democracy. Could it be Parliament, Union cabinet, news agencies, news channels or newspapers, nothing was sacred to them; they were sullying everything and that the biggest protector of Indian democracy, the Supreme Court, should be disturbed about their right to personal dignity is plainly unfortunate.

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