Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheap technology imports from China could be a threat to India's security

Indian power companies are today sourcing almost fifty percent of their power generating equipment from China. Even Indian public sector telecom companies are now buying high technology products and systems form the Chinese giant Huawei, a leading global telecommunications solutions provider. Now this revelation that A. Raja of the Rs.1.76 lac crore or US$39 billion scam had developed a soft corner for the Chinese simcard exporters. According to government reports tens of millions of simcards were imported from China in just one year, 2008-09, even when in violation of the Indian government's instructions the Chinese companies had not established simcard personalisation centres in India.

India's increasing dependence on China for high technology equipments and solutions in the power and telecom sectors may not bode well for national security, considering the Chinese record in scientific and industrial espionage and hacking. At the moment it may not be possible for the Indian entities to put a stop to these cheap imports but the government must see that they showed a declining trend from now on. For the sake of saving a billion dollars or two the national security can not be allowed to be jeopardised.

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