Saturday, November 27, 2010

I won't have to walk alone

Tomorrow, I am going to take part in Indian Ex-Servicemen's Movement's protest at New Delhi's Jantar Mantar against the government's dilly-dallying on its demand for 'One rank, one pension'. I have been a supporter of the demand for quite some time and that is how the IESM has come to treat me as one of its own. I think it is a shame that these retired soldiers, who gave the best part of their lives to the defence of the nation, should be forced to take to the streets for getting their eminently legitimate right recognised by the government.

At the protest, I will also take the opportunity to inform the members of the IESM about my five year mission to make India one of the fifty most honest countries of the world, at the moment we are at the 87th place. There are more than two million retired soldiers living in all parts of the country and if they could be attracted to my mission, realising it would be a real possibility. Let us see how it pans out tomorrow. One thing is for certain that my invitation won't be accepted too readily because from what I have seen, everyone, even after retirement, is busy doing something or the other for money. Expecting them to give up all that to work for an idealistic mission could be a bit too much. But what is the alternative for me? I have to try to involve as many people with this mission as could be humanly possible for me and I shall do that, come what may.

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