Monday, November 22, 2010

Yeddyurappa is right, the Reddy brothers, too, ought to go!

One of the reported reasons for B.S. Yeddyurappa’s open defiance of the BJP high command’s diktat to resign his office for having indulged in nepotism and other corrupt practices is his feeling that he is being singled out, that there are others in his own cabinet with far more serious charges of corruption levelled against them but they have escaped any penalty. He has indicated that if he should resign, so should the Reddy brothers, both his ministerial colleagues, for their illegal mining of iron ore, even its illegal export, and other acts of malfeasance. I think that Yeddyurappa has a point.

The Reddy brothers are understood to be the biggest financers and benefactors of the BJP and to them goes a large part of credit for the lotus blooming for the first time in any of the southern states but this should not give them a carte blanche to do what they like. Now that the BJP again wants to be the political party with a difference and is engaged in spring cleaning, it should not be doing so selectively. If only for the sake of consistency, it must ask the Reddy brothers to put in their resignations at the same time as Yeddyurappa.

Rid of the Reddy brothers and Yeddyurappa, the BJP will regain the high moral ground in its crusade against the ruling UPA’s serial scams.

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