Monday, November 1, 2010

I shall look for solution, I shall look for solution, ...……

Start talking about the worsening crime situation or the ever increasing grip of corruption on politicians, bureaucrats, policemen, judges and now even the armed forces brass, and you will find more and more people joining you in narrating incidents after incidents of crimes of both varieties, blue and white collar. In almost no time great amount of negativity is built up and at the end of the discussion the discussants are in a more pessimistic and depressed state of mind compared to what they were at the start.

So, let us decide that we will not just stop after having described the problem in its unfortunate details and analysed it minutely but will go on devoting time, effort and energy on looking for its solution collectively. That will not only take us a step closer to the solution but also give us a high. Not a bad bargain!

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