Friday, November 26, 2010

To a gentleman of the eyes closed and the lips sealed

I could not have said it better than this little poem, it has both wit and pathos - not an easy combination. And what touching commentary on the state of our beloved country! So, over to the poem.

Scam ke baad scam, Bauji. Desh ka bajgaya hai baaja.
Everyone is corrupt aaj-kal, from army honcho to Raja.

In the behti Ganga , sabne haath hai daala.
Pavitra paani ko banadiya in kambakhton ne, naalah.

Government needs to give some answers. Daarji, kuchh to bolo.
Aankhen chahe band hon, par mooh to apna kholo.

In this dirty chukker, is there anything that is clean and pure?
I cannot think of any except Harvest Gold for sure.

--- The 'Bakwaas Advertising, First Class Bread' advertisement of the Harvest Gold White Bread published in the Times of India ( Delhi edition) of the 26th Nov. 2010

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