Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corruption is not a laughing matter

The joke goes like this – Suresh Kalmadi, chairman of the Commonwealth Games’ organising committee, was absolutely fed up with newer and newer charges of corruption levelled against him and the organising committee. He decided to put an end to this, as far as he was concerned, by committing suicide. He locked the room from inside, stood on a stool, tied one end of a sturdy rope, a good decision considering his corpulent shape, to the ceiling fan, the other he made into a noose, put it around his thick neck, tightened the noose and pushed the stool from under him….. Instead of reaching the world beyond, he hit the ground, but why? Because the ceiling collapsed – the building had been built by the CWG organising committee.

Then we have the BJP president smilingly telling the press, “Raja bajayega UPA ka baja” or A. Raja (who has resigned recently in the wake of the CAG report holding him responsible for a colossal loss of revenue of Rs.1.76 lac crore or US$39 billion to the national exchequer through his arbitrary sale of telecom licences and 2G spectrum) will sound the death-knell of the UPA government.

One may enjoy this type of jokes or smart alec rhymes but this replaces with hilarity, even if for a brief moment, the emotion of anger that we must always have against corruption of all types, macro or micro. Corruption is a serious matter and it must not be trivialised or trifled with in any manner.

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