Monday, November 22, 2010

When the night is at its darkest, the morning is not far

This applies to the state of India’s politics as well. All of us common men and women, in whose name the elections are fought and won and governments formed and for whose ostensible benefit a plethora of development projects are launched, would perhaps agree that what we are now witnessing is about the darkest part of the night of Indian politics, almost its nadir. The morning or the reprieve, therefore, should not be long in coming.

There is a difference, though, the night and day cycle is natural and definite but that of the political night and day is not so. We have to put in an effort to make that work. However, compared to the other parts of the night, when it is at the darkest the push required to change into the day is within our capacity to impart. And impart it we must for the sake of our survival as an independent, democratic nation.

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