Monday, November 29, 2010

The U.S. has no control over the Pak nukes

Some of us have had the belief that there was no chance of the Pakistani nuclear bombs or fissile material falling into the hands of Al Qaida or other jehadi terrorists because the U.S. forces would be proactive enough to spirit them away to safety at the first sign of any danger. But as the latest Wikileaks expose of the U.S. State department's correspondence reveals, the Pakistani government had been successful in completely denying to the U.S. technologists access to its nuclear plants fearing that they wanted to exercise some kind of control over the fissile material in the name of protecting it from terrorists. And even after much diplomatic wrangling Pakistani authorities refused to budge from their position.

So, the possibility of the jehadi terrorists' stealing or in some other way getting enough weapon-grade fissile material to make a dirty bomb is very much there and India must take this into account while charting out its defence strategies. Even otherwise, it does not behove India to bank upon another country to protect its vital interests; it is time India finally realised that being one sixth of the world's population it had to depend on its own capability to defend itself.

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